There are many vulnerable babies in Kenya who are wrapped up in plastic bags and thrown away in garbage dumps, abandoned in slums, streets or hospitals or orphaned due to poverty, lack of employment and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Majority of them fail to make it to their 5th year because of the much-needed intense care and medical attention that their immediate relatives cannot provide.

The Dream Centre rescues abandoned  babies and provide acceptance, unconditional love and care they need.  It is common for the babies to be aborted, premature, abused, neglected, malnourished and to have serious medical complications when they arrive at Dream Centre and so a need to equip the centre to meet the demands. From the moment they arrive, the Dream Centre does all it can to provide them with every opportunity to live healthy, fruitful and productive lives.

The babies come to the Dream Centre from a number of referral sources, such as hospitals, local authorities, Government Children office, ‘Community workers, and other homes and care organizations.

At Dream Centre,we get visitors who are willing to volunteer in taking care of the babies by feeding them,washing their clothes,taking them to school and many other activities.This is Jessy,one of our volunteers,taking care of babies at the Dream Centre.