What we do


 The babies come to the Dream Centre from a number of referral sources, such as hospitals, local authorities, Government Children office, ‘Community workers, and other homes and care organizations. We:

RESCUE: We rescue abandoned babies from garbage heaps, trash bins, along the streets, in the slums, in hospitals and police stations.

CARE: The babies find acceptance and unconditional love. The care involves general baby care, good nutritional food, medical care, education, clothing, shelter, social activities among others.

RELEASE: we believe every child needs a home and a family. Our exit plan involves placing the children for adoption, in foster homes, reintegrated and forming a family unit.

CHILD SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM: The Program empowers orphans and desperate children, their families, and their communities to build a foundation of action and hope for a healthy and sustainable future by offering every eligible child within HOH catchment areas access to education, protection, shelter, food security, psychosocial support, medical care and economic security.

FEEDING PROGRAM: Poverty, diseases and hunger stalk many slum children. HOH started feeding program to ease the suffering to the many poor slum children who either have 1 or no meal for several days. A daily meal provides strong incentive to send children in slums to school and keep them there and allows children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs.


The most marginalized and wounded people in Kenya are women. They are left abandoned or widowed, many of them living in horrifying slum conditions and  fending for themselves by working in the garbage dump or sex workers. So destitute and desperate, fear for their future and that of their children.

The program Targets women in crisis situation anchored on counseling and social support.

STELLA WOMEN PROJECT: rescue single moms living with several children from the slum conditions and relocating the family to a decent home. The mother receives training in business skills and given soft loan to start small business that goes a long way in helping the family.

TEEN PREGNANCY CARE AND COUNSELING: We also act to prevent child abandonment by reaching out to target groups of teen girls and single mothers through counseling, training and economic empowerment. Care Counseling is designed to provide encouragement, insightful and guidance to teen moms, single moms during times of personal crisis or family difficulties.


Micro-financing would ideally be a core strategy for women empowerment as post crisis support. The small business development Intervention specifically involves mobilization and organization of target women into groups, training them on basic business skills, and advancing them micro-loans under a low cost micro-finance scheme.