Diana Bushebi

Diana Bushebi

Dream Centre Director

Phone: +254 724 884 656

Diana Bushebi was born in Kikuyu Kiambu county.She attended Mai-hii Primary School and later went to Moi Grls High School in Kamangu.She later joined East Africa School of Theology and graduated with a diploma in Bible and Theology. She has also continued to engage in much more informal education that include Counselling and Psychology, Crisis Intervention and H.I.V management and care.

Diana is married to Daniel Bushebi,who is the lead pastor in Kenya.Together they have 4 children Margaret,Prince,Dave and Jonathan.She has been a pastor since 1998 and have been involved in pastoring many different churches.

About 10 years ago,they discovered that babies were being aborted or abandoned or left in dumpsites in the slums.This was soo touching to them because every child deserves a chance in life and none should be left to die and that is how They began a rescue centre and she manages the care and well being of such babies on a daily basis. Seeing babies so sick, malnourished and abandoned to die bounce back to life and be healthy has been her motivation and driving force. She takes one day at a time. Some days are easy while others are not so especially when it involves the loss of a child’s life.