Rescue and care

Baby dumping is very rampant in the slums. Poverty being the major cause forces women and young girls to abort or dump their babies to avoid responsibilities.  Home of Hope rescues those abandoned babies from garbage heaps, trash bins, along the streets, in the slums, in hospitals and police stations. We first take them for medical examination to ensure they are healthy before bringing them to the Dream Centre and  incase one has complications, we get them treated, get legal custody papers and bring them home to the Dream Centre.

Through our caregivers and staff, babies find acceptance and unconditional love as the caregivers are trained to love the babies who already suffer rejection. They are well taken care of as they await adoption, foster or placed into our Family Unit homes where they are cared for by a mother or loving couple.. The care involves general baby care, good nutritional food, medical care, education, clothing, shelter, social activities among others.

We have a school where we take the children to study as they await foster care or adoption.