Family Unit

Date : 01-01-2019
Client : Daniel Bushebi

family unit David, Moses, Esther, Anita, Peter and Rehab  are so excited to be a family, live together as siblings with their foster care parents Samuel and Beatrice. Your generous donation has enabled us create this family.

This December, they will be moving into their new home. Your willingness to help such displaced, abandoned, thrown away children in Nairobi weather the crisis in their lives makes all the difference in  children like David, Moses, Esther, Ann, Peter and Rehab.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, for all you do for our kids, you are a part of their lives.

Home of Hope Kenya’s Mission is to Rescue babies thrown away in the dumps, abandoned in the streets, slums or hospitals, bring them to the Dream Centre, a care facility and place them into caring and loving families