Rescue Story of Dan

Date : 01-01-2019
Client : Daniel Bushebi

Pain, trauma and frustrations over rape ordeal almost made Dan lose a chance to live.

Dan is a jovial, active and aggressive boy with strong ability whose growth has been quite encouraging.

Now in kindergarten at Home of Hope school, he is surrounded by a loving family of rescued children and caregivers who make his daily life filled with warmth and love.

He was conceived at a time when his mother went seeking for shelter in the neighbourhood after her husband threw her out with a one year old child suffering from a heart condition.

One unknown man ruthlessly raped her and vanished into the thin air leaving her devastated, stigmatized and with suicidal thoughts.

Her friend heard of the ordeal and offered to accommodate her for a while. A few weeks later, she realized that she was pregnant.

This was too much for her to bear; an ailing child, financial strains, unsure accommodation at a friend’s house and now an unplanned pregnancy. The overshadowing misfortunes made her resort to terminating the pregnancy.

Her many attempts failed. She then opted to throw the baby at dumpsite after delivery.

Luckily enough, at eight months pregnant, she saw a Home of Hope sign; “Don’t throw away your baby, we can help”. She immediately called our number and after connecting with us, she was counseled.

Due to incapability to take care of the child, she decided to give custody to Home of Hope after birth.

When she was due, Home of Hope welcomed Dan Asher as a rescued child. Thanks to Dan’s sponsors for changing his life a great deal.

Many children like Dan are rescued by Home of Hope, you can partner with to rescue a child.