Erick’s story (Child Sponsorship)

Date : 01-01-2019
Client : Daniel Bushebi

Eric, a form one student at Legacy High School is a happy 13 year old boy who foresees a bright future.

The torment of a possibility to drop out of school is no more, sponsorship has brought a revival and relief to his educaion.

Unlike his classmates who have to go home oftenly in search of school fees, he remains in class and constantly attends all his lessons.

Eric is one of the children in Kware slums brought up by a single mum who had no reliable income to put him through school and cater for all other basic amenities.

In many instances before sponsorship, Eric would miss classess and stay at home to help his mother with house chores, a tendancy that almost crippled his perfomance and stability in school.

His mother’s only surviving  mode was to lay hand on any casual job that would put a meal on the table. However, this could not send Eric to school.

This kind of daily struggle drove Eric’s mother into losing hope of ever seeing his only son go to school. Her ernest prayer was that someday luck would come and make a way for her son.

Just as she had prayed, luck was around the corner. Eric’s mother encountered one of the Home of Hope’s staff and explained her son’s predicament.

Tears ran down her chick few days later after a call to be inform her of her son’s sponsorship.

Now in Form one after three years of sponsorship, Eric is forever greatful to Home of Hope for having made a difference in his life.

Many children like Eric above are still in dire need of help to go to school but abject povery in the slums has become a great hinderance. To sponsor such contact home of hope on