Date : 01-01-2019
Client : Daniel Bushebi
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The Dream Village embraces a holistic approach to sustainability encompassing the Social, Cultural, Ecological and Economic dimensions of human existence with a goal of creating homes for abandoned children living as siblings and cared for by a couple in a family set up. This plan was drawn up by the staff of Home Of Hope Kenya in order to tackle serious housing problem for the rescued babies and children.

The Dream Village setting will reflect African traditional dwelling where the houses in the village will be positioned in a circular setting.

At the heart of the Dream village is the family structure. Home Of Hope Kenya believes that when orphaned and vulnerable children are placed in a loving family environment, with other children who become siblings and with a loving couple who assume parental responsibilities and be positive role models to the home. The children can then find a place that they can call home. The village will incorporate outdoor spaces with sports fields and landscaped areas that allow the children to play and develop their social skills.

The concept is to create an eco-friendly environment for these children, raising them to become leaders who bring sustainable change to our nation and beyond. To make this possible, Home Of Hope will be harnessing ideas in implementing better ways of creating sustainable village by building cost effective homes, drilling water and harvesting rainwater, using solar energy, using modern agricultural technologies, recycling wastes among others.