Family Unit

Home of Hope believes that children grow up well within a family. Our exit plan involves placing the children for adoption, in foster homes, reintegrated and forming a family unit. When rescued babies, orphaned and vulnerable children are placed into a loving family environment, with a mother or couple and siblings who love each other, the children find a place that they can call home. Home of Hope incorporate outdoor rental houses with a big compound that allow the children to play and develop their social skills.

We aim to create an eco-friendly environment for these children, raising them to become leaders who bring sustainable change to their nation and beyond. To make this possible,we partner with individuals and organizations or teams globally to create families and build homes for the rescued babies and to help raise the financial support to settle the families in the homes and sustain the recurring upkeep monthly costs.

HOH Kenya is implementing better ways of building sustainable and cost-effective homes —the dream village where a loving couple will take 8 children and take care of them