Orphaned at 3, Everlyne experienced great challenges growing up! She was left with her aged and ailing grandmother. Food was rarely available and she went several days without food.

Her step brother took her and her brother to live in Tassia slums in Nairobi to ease the burden on their grandmother. But life in the city was not easy and her schooling was on and off due to lack of school fees. Her step brother was also struggling to take care of his family doing manual jobs and getting a few dollars each day. Eventually Everlyne and her brother became such a burden he let them go live with yet another distant relative.

Everlyne moved from one relative to another of the few available but none of them could afford to feed and house them as they were struggling too. It was then that the two kids started attending Word of life my Home Church Tassia. They used to come early to church and after some interaction the church learnt that they were orphans and about their ordeal. A generous couple heard their story and was moved to help them.

Life for her changed from that day. The sponsors have helped with education monies, and other basic necessities. She has done well in school and has even joined high school this year! Renewed hope for life happened for this girl because you came alongside her and partnered to help her! Thank you for all you have done for Everlyne since 2016!!