Home of Hope Kenya visited Efaa Andenyi, a mother of eight, who lost everything when seven of her children passed away, but she has found hope starting a small business in Nairobi through a microloan funded by Home of Hope Kenya.

When Efaa got married, she gave birth to eight children but now only one remains. Her first two children died of diseases, the third was killed in a car accident, the forth committed suicide, the fifth died of HIV and the last two were shot in 2018—one in May and the other in August. These tragic events left Efaa to take care of 12 grandchildren who are now without parents.

Efaa was unemployed and all 12 grandchildren depended on her for food, clothing and schooling. She was introduced to Home of Hope Kenya’s church Word of Life by her late daughter and she became a member of the Kayole campus. One Sunday, the pastor asked if anyone wished to start a small business, she enrolled for the 3-month course in business skills. After completing the course, she qualified for a microloan of 300USD from Home of Hope Kenya. This microloan has allowed Efaa to open up a shop that now helps her support her grandchildren in all their basic needs. Her shop sells food items like: rice, flour, salt and cooking oil.

Efaa’s story was made possible because of the many sponsors who fund Home of Hope Kenya’s microloan program. So far the program has transformed the lives of over 130 women and children including Efaa. For anyone who wants to donate to the microloan project see Home of Hope Kenya’s donate page.