Thank you so much! As the Dream Centre family, we want to thank all the sponsors who have always supported our rescue work. It wouldn’t have been easy if not for your support. We have managed to rescue more than 100 children. Some of the rescued children are at the Dream Centre, in foster families, family units and others reintegrated back to their families.

Sarah came to the Dream Centre at birth after her mother giving custody to Home of Hope. Her birth was a result of her mother being gang raped. At seven months pregnant, her mother saw one of our sign posts in Korogocho slums and called Dream Centre for help. She first thought we would help her do abortion but instead we helped her through counseling, medication and maternity support.

Sarah developed rickets when she was a toddler. With the help of the sponsors and doctors, she was on treatment for a period of time. At age 8, she is fully recovered, walking normally and loves playing soccer.

when she turned 5, she was put into family unit with 5 other Dream Centre rescued kids to live as a family in the care of Ben and Rachel. She has really grown to be a beautiful girl who is loving, caring and has a big smile that lights up the room. She is a champion when it comes to her studies and wants to be a nurse when she grows up, just like her Care mother.

Sarah is smiling today because of the generosity of her passionate sponsors.