We,Home Of Hope thank all sponsors who have supported us in setting up of the first two family units,if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have done it ourselves.The twelve children from the two family units says they feel loved and if it was a dream they would’t want to wake up because they have experienced parental love and care and all thanks to you.We have a couple (Javan and Promina) who have volunteered to take care of six more kids and bring them up together with their three children.We reach out to you to help us help them fulfill their wish to take care of these children and give then the love that was taken away from them when they were still young.Help Benjamin,Mary,Frank,Eshter and Dion and Eshter who are brother and sister have two parents who will guide them as they grow.With amount of 15503USD,we can completely change the lives of these six children.Any amount is acceptable.Donate