Teen Moms

Kenya’s greatest resource is women waiting to be empowered.

For decades, women have been the most marginalized and wounded people in Africa. Left abandoned or widowed, many of them living in horrible slum conditions. Home Of Hope Kenya works to restore dignity to these vulnerable women through counseling, business training, medical intervention, empowerment and income generation.

Through Home Of Hope Kenya, women are equipped with necessary life skills and empowered through income generating projects, enabling them to become productive members of the community. In addition, the comprehensive psycho-social support they receive has given them purpose, dignity, and a future.

Partnering with Home of Hope enables us to:

– REACH: Reaching out to the most vulnerable women by taking caring of their basic essential needs
– EQUIP: Developing and growing their life skills so they can build sustainable and dignified lives
– EMPOWER: Helping women to become successful businesswomen and pillars of influence in their communities.

To provide a safe and healthy environment for at-risk expectant mothers (Age 21 & under), to protect their unborn child from abortion or abandonment, to prepare them for the birth of their child and then to support them in their role as mothers.

Our goal is to demonstrate love by mentoring these Teen expectant moms through practical teachings and principles that promote responsible parenting and a sustainable lifestyle. These young women will be equipped with key life skills to support their transition into motherhood.

Our hope is that they discover and mature into their God-given identity and potential and that the future of their family will be altered for generations to come.