It has been noted that Education is a human right and it empowers people to survive and thrive and is the most effective weapon against poverty.In the slums, many children either don’t enroll to school or if they do enroll they spend most of their time out of school due to lack of fees that are required. Although the government started the Free Primary Education in Kenya in 2003, the parents have to buy the school uniform, text books and other things that make the school life tenable. The challenge in the slums there is few or no public schools that offer the Free Primary Education. Most schools in the slums are private owned and many are profit oriented making them expensive for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the slums of Nairobi.

With many of our churches located in the slums of Nairobi, we have the capacity to implement this project of helping the orphaned and vulnerable children in the slums. Most of the members we help come from the slum and it is our desire to see them excel in life by doing all that is in our disposal. So, when they succeed we do succeed as an organization and because our success depends on their success, it is paramount for us to own their situations to see them through. We have been in the field and we have the best understanding of the situations they undergo.


-Providing immediate basic needs of the orphaned and vulnerable in the slums
-Training the children in the fear of God during the feeding program
– Try Linking the orphaned and vulnerable in the slums to potential sponsors
-Keep the child and the sponsor in touch with updates twice a year.
– The project intends to increase the enrollment of children to primary school.
– We intend to maintain children in school reducing the drop out levels in our primary schools.
-To impart social skills to children during the training program.


The orphans and the vulnerable children in the slums of Korogocho, Soweto, Tassia, kware, Kangemi, and MukuruKwaNjenga will be the beneficiaries to this project.


We found Willy in 2015 and highlighted his story that was touching. Willy is the first born in a family of two. He was born in 8/7/2005 to parents who were struggling to make ends meet in the slum. His life took a nose dive when his father was hacked to death during the post-election violence that was experienced in 2007/2008 in Kenya. After the burial of their father, he returned together with his mother and his younger brother to the city in the slum. After sometime the mother took them to their grandmother and abandoned them to unknown place.

The grandmother could only afford to house them and feed them with one meal a day but couldn`t afford taking them to school. It was until the grandmother did talk to a head teacher and made arrangements for them to start school. By then the grandmother was still struggling for she had 4 extra mouths to feed. Willy moved in with his younger brother and there were already some 2 more children staying with the grandmother. Though he started schooling, he couldn`t stay in school for lack of school fees.

It was at this juncture that we were introduced to him through the grandmother who is a member of our Home church in Kangemi. We did the story and a week later one sponsor made a decision to sponsor him together with his brother and first cousin. One day it was tears when the sponsor sent them money to buy gifts for them. We bought them new Shirts, trousers and school shoes. They were like dreaming, the grandmother cried and said and I quote, “I didn`t know that one day my grandchildren will dress like rich children, I lack words to express my gratitude.”

Since then Willy has stayed in school without any hitch in terms of school fees, uniform, food, and clothing. He is currently in grade/class 8 his final year in primary school. He is always top three in a class of 77 children. His favorite subjects are Mathematics and Science and he dreams of becoming an engineer. We pray for the best in his life and we really appreciate his sponsor Jean and Randy Brown and family for coming in and being part of their lives.