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Who We Are

Home of Hope is an off shoot of the Word of Life Church Mission in Kenya, whose head quarters are currently situated within Donholm Estate, Nairobi County. Home of Hope was founded to foster charity work geared towards responding to socioeconomic challenges faced by the community within and around the church.we help women and children by;

Rescuing babies and children and placing them under our care at the Dream Centre.
Sponsoring children from poor families to get educated and have all the basic needs.
Aleviating crisis faced by pregnant teens,single moms and children from poor background.
Teaching business skills and giving micro loans to women.
Monthly feeding programme for poor children in the slums.


We envision to a sustainable development through rescue, restoration and empowerment.



We purpose to rescue babies from garbage dumps, slums and the streets as well as destitute women and desperate children from abject poverty or abandonment and raising them up to become champions of sustainable change in our society.


Our organizational culture shall be shaped by the following fundamental beliefs and core values,

Driven by Compassion:

To be actively involved in local projects with compassion.

Engaging the Culture:

We strive to create an atmosphere and attitude that engages every community that we serve. We constantly reach out to every aspect of our society in every possible way to help connect people with solutions.

Living in Authentic Relationship:

We strive to live in healthy authentic relationship with each other; being truthful and honest at all times and in all we do.

Empowering Potential:

To unlock, release the God given potential of every person we serve. Whatever sector of culture and society we seek to see potential in others, train and mentor them to fulfill their destiny on our team and their life purpose.

For All Generation:

We believe in longevity and strive to build sustainable projects and programs that reach and touch every age group of people. We also believe that projects and programs should last for generations in communities and serve as a pillar of stability in their communities.

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We can Change a life of a child together

Let us do what we can do wherever and whenever we can to help the lives of these women and children change.

Our Team

Here is the team that makes it possible to run Home of Hope


Helping the poor children and single women in the slums is our biggest agenda.

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together with charities, individuals, philanthropists and schools since the Big Give was founded in 2010, and here are some fact from our achievement



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